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    Simply put, insurance is ꦐa policy that one pays for to receive financial protectio🦋n or reimbursement in the event of damage, injury, sickness, death, or other losses. At FWD Insurance, we cover the more personal aspects of your life - health, life, and finance.

    Life is full of surprises as ꩲwell as ups and downs. Sudden illness, injuries from accidents - even death - may occur without warning. Insurance helps you hedge against the expenditures directly or indirectly related to those events, thus relieving some financial burden from yourself or those under your care (e.g. family, other beneficiaries). An insurance plan only covers t෴he losses specified in the plan.

    Both life and general insurance꧑ provide financial protection. In addition, life insurance deals with life risks, such as death, permanent disability, or di🦩agnosis of a critical illness. General insurance, on the other hand, covers any other risks that do not involve life. Some examples of general insurance policies are home insurance, motor insurance, travel insurance, etc.

    Term insurance is a type of policy that you pay and renew for a specific period (the💖 “term”), typically yearly. Should you pass away or if you suffer total and permanent disability while the policy is active, a tax-free payment will be given to you or your beneficiaries. You may also opt to change your term policies to permanent policies in the future.

    Whole life insurance covers you throughout your whole life. Some plans can build cash value over time and some lets you pay for a limited time and then never again. Similar to ꦅterm life, whole life insurance gives your beneficiaries tax-free payment upon your death or total and permanent disability during the coverage term of the policy𒅌.

    Endowment insurance provides both a protecti💯on and a savings element, which enables the policyholder to fund their children’s education or save for retirement. A guaranteed amount will be payable if the policyholder survives to the end of the policy term or once the policy reaches its “maturity date.” The sum assured is paid to the beneficiaries in the event of premature death of the life assu🧔red.

    Medical/Health insurance is a type of insurance coverage that covers you on disease, sickness, and/or medical expenses. The benefits of this insurance may take the form of reimbursements (of medical expenses), a lump sum payment of the sum insured, or payment of an allowance at regular intervals for the period that the Insured is hospitalised or diagnosed with a🔴ny one of the specified critical illness.

    Investment-linked insurance is a combi♏nation of investment and protection. The premiums that you pay provide you, not only with life insurance cover, but also investment value in specific investment funds of your choice. The unit price of the specific investment funds is based on investment performance of the managed funds. The benefits paid to you or your beneficiaries will depend on the price of the units at the time you surrender the policy or pass away or total permanent disability.

    Riders are offered as options to the basic coverage that extends your coverage to specific contingencies like accident, disability, hospitalisation, and critical illness to൩ meet your individual insurance needs. You need to pay additional premium for your riders.

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